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St. Paul's Prayer Walk - June 5 2019

We used the Pentecost gospel to pray for peace, hope & guidance as we walked along St. Ninian's St. & at the gazebo.  We prayed for the L'Arche community at their first house(Yeshua). We prayed in thanksgiving for the veterans and for the folks @ CACL. We prayed for pets, the folks @ St. Ninian's & Coady. We prayed at Carian park for the Special Olympians & the people who started it. Also those courages souls who have gone before us.
We ended at the gazebo where we prayed for those living with mental illness or cancer. We prayed for people to be open to the possibilities on our Parish Imagining day. We closed with the Lord's Prayer & the grace.

Country Harbour Victorian Tea

St. Paul's In the Winter

The Three Cantors Perform at St. James' United Church