Welcome! The Anglican Parish of Three Harbours, Nova Scotia

   The Parish of Three Harbours is a parish within the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The parish covers the town and county of Antigonish, especially Bayfield, Heatherton, and the parts of Guysborough County around Country Harbour, and all lands in-between.  The parish consisting of three churches came into existence in 1952. The Parish of Three Harbours offers a mix of modern and traditional styles of Anglican worship.  Our parish also provides a Christian ministry to the wider community, and to the nearby university, St. Francis Xavier. We hope that you enjoy your visit with us; either online or at any of our three beautiful churches in Antigonish, Bayfield or Country Harbour.

    Please follow the links on the left to find out more about our parish, our worship services, and life at Three Harbours.

Cancellations are announced on 98.9 XFM

    Sunday   Mar 1          11:00 AM Lent 1 Holy Eucharist
    Saturday Mar 7          10:30 AM - Messy Church
    Sunday   Mar 8          11:00 AM Lent 2 Holy Eucharist *change clocks forward!

    Sunday March 1    - worship offered at St. Paul's at 11:00    
    Sunday March 8        3:00 PM Lent 2 Holy Eucharist *change clocks forward!
    Sunday March 15    - worship offered at St. Paul's at 11:00

    Sunday   Mar 1          3:00 PM Lent 1 Holy Eucharist  
    Sunday March 8        7:00 PM Lent 2 Evening Prayer *change clocks forward!