Each of our churches operate their own ministries through church councils led by the church wardens. New members are elected annually.

St. Mary the Virgin
Isabel Myette: Warden
Bruce Jackson: Treasurer
Winnie Jackson: Secretary
Karen Randall: Envelope Secretary, Treasurer St. Mary's Guild
Mary Randall: Member at large

Holy Trinity
Marie Veinotte and Eric Hayne: Wardens
Barbara Hayne: Treasurer
Marie Veinotte: Secretary
Judy Gay:  Events Coordinator
Arnita Giffin:  Member at Large

St. Paul the Apostle
Nancy MacDonald: Warden
Marie Nickerson: Warden
Pauline Liengme: Treasurer
Sharron Harling: Member at large
Phillip George: Member at large
Jennifer England:  Member at large
Norma Kaiser: Member at large
Elizabeth DeCoste: Member at large
Sajiev Thomas: Member at large

The operation of our parish is managed by our parish council made up of elected members; we strive to ensure that there are members from each church. We show below the church which the members-at-large regularly attend.

Parish Council
Pauline Liengme: Warden, Regional Council, alt. Synod Rep
Lynda Harling Stalker: Warden
Nancy MacDonald: Treasurer, Regional Council

Bruce Jackson: Member at Large (StM)
Winnie Jackson
: Member at Large (StM)
Eric Hayne: Member at Large (HT)
Barbara Hayne: Member at Large (HT)
Marie Vienotte: Member at Large (HT)
Norma Kaiser: Member at Large, Regional Council (StP)
Philip George: Member at Large, Synod Rep. (St.P)
Marie Nickerson:  Member at Large, Synod Rep., Regional Council (St.P)
Joseph Quesnel:  Member at Large, Regional Council, PWRDF (St.P)