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St. Mary the Virgin, Bayfield

Service Times

General rule:
First, Third and Fifth Sundays of the month 7:00 PM
Second and Fourth Sundays 9:00 AM

But check our Parish Calendar first!

Parish Calendars

A brief history of St. Mary-the-Virgin Church:


In Little River (later called Bayfield), interest in an Anglican church began in the early 1830’s. In the 1850’s, there was work on a new Church on the site of the present St. Mary’s Church. This building served the community of Bayfield for some forty years until it was destroyed in a fire in the late 1890’s. The Church of St-Paul-the-Apostle was also destroyed by a fire that year. The causes for these traumatic fires have not been recorded or discovered to date. Within months though, plans developed for the building of new church buildings in both communities. Each church was completed and paid for by 1902. St. Mary-the-Virgin was consecrated September 3, 1902 and St. Paul-the-apostle, the following day. The new St. Mary's being a classical wood gothic design at its beautiful location, overlooking Cape Breton and Cape George, was a fine large building for the community


The story of the Bayfield community is one of faithful determination through these years. This building stands as a fine example of the faith and devotion of the community which by this time had become the main Anglican presence in the country. In fact, St. Mary’s become the parish church in 1856 when the new rectory was built in Little River following the sale of the first rectory in Antigonish. St. Mary-the-Virgin, Bayfield remained the parish church from 1856 to 1966 when the rectory was again moved to the town of Antigonish and the Church of Saint Paul-the-Apostle became the parish church for Antigonish County. (information gathered from writings by Fr. John Hodgins)


Present Day:


Today, the church continues to serve the community in a variety of ways, including hosting concerts, Music Royale, dinners, and craft sales. It continues to be one of the few fully active churches within the community, worshipping each Sunday and representing the ongoing Anglican presence in Bayfield.


Currently, the church is in need of significant repairs, estimated at $20 000. This cost goes towards repairing and maintaining our 110 year old structure, including significant repairs to the steeple.

This includes repairs to the steeple, as well as the overall church structure. The church is now reaching out to the community, asking for your help in preserving this important, and historic, piece of Bayfield’s heritage. We cannot allow this remarkable church to become the victim of atrophy, nor allow its memories to be forgotten. The Family Fun day kicks-off a series of fundraisers being planned to help raise awareness and support for the valuable historic building. Donations and support of any kind are welcome, and income tax receipts are available upon request. 

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