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Each of our churches operate their own ministries through church councils led by the church wardens. New members are appointed annually.

St. Mary the Virgin
Isabel Myette: Warden
Bruce Jackson: Treasurer
Winnie Jackson: Secretary
Karen Randall: Envelope Secretary
Mary Randall: Member at large

Holy Trinity
Marie Veinotte and Eric Hayne: Wardens
Barbara Hayne: Treasurer
Secretary: Charlotte Sangster

St. Paul the Apostle

George MacDonald: Warden (2015)
John Blackwell: Warden (2017)
Nancy MacDonald: Secretary
Pauline Liengme: Treasurer
Sajiev Thomas: Member at large (2015)
Dale Hubley: Member at large (2015)
Phillip George: Member at large (2016)
Marie Nickerson: Member at large (2016)
Jennifer England:  Member at large (2017)
Bart Wainwright: Member at large (2017)
Andrew Stalker Sunday School
The operation of our parish is managed by our parish council made up of elected members and representatives from each church.

Parish Council
Lynda Hartling-Stalker: Warden (2016)
Bernard Liengme: Warden (2017)
Marie Nickerson: Secretary (2015)
Christopher Byrne/George MacDonald: Treasurer (2015)

Bruce Jackson: Member at Large 
Winnie Jackson
: Member at Large
Eric Hayne: Member at Large
Betty Marmura: Member at Large (2017)

Pauline Liengme: Regional Council (1yr) & Synod rep
Bernard Liengme
: Regional Council (1yr) & Synod rep
Marie Nickerson:  Regional Council (1 yr)
Nancy MacDonald:  Synod Rep