"We believe marriage is sacred. It was instituted by God and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Marriage at its deepest and best is a joyful and challenging union which results in mutual fulfilment for both husband and wife. It is a relationship which requires faithfulness in each partner until the couple is parted by death. Christians believe marriage signifies to us the mystical union between Christ and his Church. The relationship of marriage will require self-discipline which will result in a life giving and lasting love.

We believe marriages need the resources of the Christian faith if they are to approach Christian ideals. Therefore, we commend to you a deeper and fuller participation in the life of the Church. We believe your marriage will be deepened by regular Prayer, Bible reading and worship within a Christian community.

Your wedding day is a happy and sacred event. You undertake tremendous responsibilities towards each other. Do remember, however, you are surrounded by a community of people who encourage, support and love you.

God's blessing be with you always."

The Rt. Rev. Fred Hiltz

It is our joy and delight to host weddings in our churches. Some practical considerations:

  • All three of our churches are beautiful settings for a wedding. Part of their beauty is their intimate size, and this should be considered when inviting guests.

    • Once you have shared your news with family and friends, your first call should be to the church. Ideally you would give 6-10 months notice to be assured of your preferred date.

  • Weddings in the parish will follow the order for marriage in either the Book of Common Prayer or the Book of Alternative Services and will be held in accordance with the Anglican Church of Canada's Canon on Marriage and our Diocesan Marriage Policy.

  • All couples, regardless of age or previous marriages, are required to undergo marriage preparation which is held at the rector's discretion.

  • For more information on marriage in the Anglican Church, go to our diocesan website.