Opportunities in Worship

The Anglican worship has always emphasized the need for leadership from bishops, clergy and laity.

In the service, there are specific roles reserved for laity which require very little training.

These include serving, altar guild, reading the Word and administering the Eucharist.

All of these roles are open to women, men, boys and girls of all ages.

Participating in Worship

The Anglican style of worship is intended to draw each of us into a space where we can know God in a deeper way. Please participate as fully as you are able. If you are familiar with the order of service, try leaving the book in the pew for a Sunday, and rely on the Spirit to draw you closer to God.

Eucharistic Practice and the Risk of Infection

It must be stressed that the present use of the common cup is normal for Anglican churches, follows the practice of the universal church from its beginnings until well into the middle ages, and poses no real hazard to health in normal circumstances. For more information, download the brochure, "Eucharistic Practice and the Risk of Infection" at the bottom of this page.